From the documentary

"Cinematographer Style"



Born: ?, New York City, N.Y., USA.

Education: The City College of New York [Social Theory].

Career: Left New York in 1969 and moved to San Francisco where he became involved with a group of young filmmakers who produced doc's, pre-MTV concert films, and ultra-low budget features. He worked as a c.asst, gaffer and grip. Went to Los Angeles in 1975 and ph music films for Warner Brothers with a number of their recording artists.

Ph and directed commercials.

Member of the ASC since 1988.

Appeared in the doc 'Cinematographer Style' [2005, Jon Fauer; ph: J. Fauer, Jeff Laszlo, Brian Heller & David Morgan].

Awards: 'Emmy' Award [1999] & ASC TV Award [1999] for 'Winchell'; 'Emmy' Award [2000] & ASC TV Award [2000] for 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge'; 'Emmy' Award nom [2002] for 'James Dean'; 'Emmy' Award nom [2004] & ASC TV Award [2004] for 'Iron Jawed Angels'; 'Emmy' Award nom [2004-05] & ASC TV Award [2005] for 'Warm Springs'.

Robbie Greenberg has been spending time at his property in the Pacific Northwest, walking in the woods and 'relearning' still photography. Work has slowed down for Robbie, but he shoots and directs the occasional commercial to keep his hand in. And he's deeply involved in developing a project that has financing and distribution deals with Sony.

Robbie's first steps towards cinematography were in stills. He came to the Bay Area in June of 1969, ostensibly for the summer. He had always been interested in photography but never had the opportunity to pursue it. As summer waned, he sold his car and used the money to buy a camera.

He spent much of the next seven years either in the darkroom or lugging a 4x5 camera around. He took up with like-minded friends in the underground art scene and learned from a talented mentor. Through this period, he was discovering that cinematography was his true calling.

"I found that I wanted to be able to create the light that stimulated me in real life," he recalls. "The only place you could do that was Hollywood. In 1975 I moved south and began my quest, having some experience shooting documentaries and a lot of music festivals. My first year in Los Angeles, I worked for Warner Bros. Records, shooting the precursors to rock videos on 16mm film."

Robbie still maintains a home at the beach in Los Angeles. Recently, he went back to the still photography world. He's been sharpening his skills with a new Leica M Monochrom camera, which shoots only black and white images. He's been doing mostly portraits, some of friends and some of his new grandson.

The feature project is called 'All Saints'. Robbie met the director, Steve Gomer, two decades ago while advising at the Sundance Institute, and in the mid-1990s shot his feature, 'Sunset Park'. Gomer found a story in a Tennessee newspaper about an Episcopal priest who came to the priesthood later in life.

Robbie plans to shoot the film. "In the next month or so, we'll start going out to cast, and see what happens," he says. "The parts are good, and hopefully we can get good people interested." [From article by David Heuring on the ASC website, September 25, 2013.]



Brain Child [?] ?; unreleased


Doctor Dracula/Svengali [Paul Aratow & Al Adamson] c; cph: Gary Graver


Youngblood/YoungBlood [Noel Nosseck] c; pfx: Roger Dorney


A Rainy Day [Beth Brickell] c; short/30m; cph: J.T. Gillie & Timothy Greenfield-Sanders


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Creator/The Big Picture [Ivan Passer] c


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Even Money/Jump Shot [Mark Rydell] c

"The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause"


The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause [Michael Lembeck] c; 2uc: Kenneth Zunder


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Photo Finish [Jordan Sommers] c; short/2m11s; prod for The Soho House Short Film Competition


All Saints [Steve Gomer] pre-production



The Lathe of Heaven [David Loxton & Fred Barzyk] tvm; for PBS-tv


This Girl for Hire [Jerry Jameson] pilot; for CBS-tv


[John Steinbeck's] The Winter of Our Discontent [Waris Hussein] tvm; ep #258 'Hallmark Hall of Fame'-series


My Mother's Secret Life [Robert Markowitz] tvm


Second Serve/I Change My Life [Anthony Page] tvm


South of Sunset [pilot dir by Andy Tennant] 6-part series; other ph: Jerry Callaway; cancelled by CBS-tv after airing of pilot; remaining ep aired on VH1-tv in 1994


Winchell [Paul Mazursky] tvm


Introducing Dorothy Dandridge [Martha Coolidge] tvm


If These Walls Could Talk 2 [seg '1972' dir by Martha Coolidge] tvm/b&w-c; 3 seg; other ph: Peter Deming & Paul Elliott


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Prison Break [ep #2 'Allen' dir by Michael Watkins & #3 'Cell Test' dir by Brad Turner] 81-part series, 2005-09; 1st season, 2005-06; other ph: Dante Spinotti (pilot, 2004), Chris Manley & Robert LaBonge


Skip Tracer [Stephen Frears] pilot; for CBS-tv



Human Highway [Bernard Shakey (= Neil Young) & Dean Stockwell] co-c.op dream seq; ph: David Myers